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Peer Recovery Specialists work with clients to develop a trusting relationship where their relationship to substance use and abuse can be honestly addressed to move forward with a treatment plan. The Peer Recovery Specialist works as part of the treatment team to help set goals and develop an individualized treatment plan, they also act as an assistant to gather resources for the client to be successful

  • Important Qualities:  Active listening, Encouragement, Reflection on what the client is saying, Helping the client figure out how to use their strengths, Keeping a straight face, Being a buffer, Challenging the system respectively
  • Other Career Opportunities: Hospitals, Inpatient and Outpatient mental health, Substance abuse centers, schools, prisons.
  • Responsibilities:  Develop relationships with clients, Discuss their relationships with substances, Develop individualized plans, Help gather resources, Interacting with patients several times a week, Amplify the voices of patients within administration
  • Notes from Michael:
  1. Quote: "I think O have a curiosity about biology and the psychopharmacology aspect of it excitess me, the science beind it, and the human interaction..."
  2. Rewards: Making the world a better place for generations and helping patients be who they want to be
  3. Advice: Take care of yourself, you will take care of a lot of burdens and see a lot of pain. Also, keep an open mind. 

Drug and Alcohol Specialist