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Peer Recovery Specialists provide an incredibly useful support system for patients because of their shared lived expirience. The shared lived expirience could be institutionalization, substance abuse, or trauma. Peer Recovery Specialist approach patients with compassion and understanding, and provide a dignified way for a patient to tell their story, their hopes, fears and how they want to move forward in their life. 

  • Job Responsibilites: Developed relationships with clients to support their recovery, discuss their relationships with substance, assist with developing individualized plans as part of the interdisciplinary team. Interact with patients several times a week to provide support. 
  • Important Qualities: Active listening, encouragement, reflection on what the client is saying. Helping the client figure out how to use their strengths, keeping a straight face, being a buffer, challenging the system respectfully
  • Other Career Opportunities: Hospitals, inpatients and outpatients mental health, substance abuse centers, schools, prisons
  • Notes from Malcolm: Take care of yourself- you will take care of a burdens and see a lot of pain, also, keep an open mind to change 
  • Rewards: Making the world a better place for generations, helping patients be who they want to be
  • Advice: Learn as much as you can about the job before you choose it for your career path. Do research. Do a job shadow.

Peer Recovery Specialist