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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners see their own patient load within a care facility. They work with the patient to assess the needs if the individual to facilitate recovery. The work includes diagnosis, treatment planning and providing guidance to other staff members assisting the patient in treatment 

  • Important Qualities: Active listening, work in groups, and create relationships with people
  • Job Responsibilities: Provide primary care, treatment and referral services to patients in the institutional, clinical or medical setting. 
  • Notes from Lori:
  1. Quote: "They've had all those same questions. A million people have asked them the same questions over, over and over. Sometimes you don't need all those questions, sometimes it's a conversation..."
  2. Rewards: Make someone's life better
  3. Advice: Learn as much as you can about the job before you choose it as your career path. Do researc. Do a job shadow.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner