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Psychiatric nurses are usually assigned a caseload of patients and provide direct care to their patients, which includes facilitating social and emotional needs, supervising medication schedules and evaluating patient progress.

  • Job responsibilities: Works directly with patients to assess individual patients and develop a treatment plan with the interdisciplinary team. Document and report patient progress towards treatment goals. 
  • Important Qualities: Flexibility, empathy, pioneering spirit, patient and self-advocacy skills, communication, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Other Career Opportunities: Hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, physician offices, home healthcare, and government
  • Notes from Troy:

1. Quote: " Things that go on inside the walls of the hospital are truly enjoyable..."

2. Rewards: Watching patients make progress

3. Advice: Drop your preconceived notions of mental health work- don't be frightened. Do a research, do a job shadow.


Psychiatric Nurse