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Medical doctors who complete additional training in psychiatry after earning a medical degree which prepares the physician for diagnosing and treating mental illness. They often employ individual or group therapy to gain insight into a patient's past and find coping methods to help patients address their own problems. They can also prescribe medications to help a patient deal with symptoms associated with a mental disorder.

  • Important Qualities: Listen to patients, compassion, independent skills, flexibility, work in groups, Create relationships with people
  • Possible work settings: Mental health clinics, Correctional facilities, Private practice
  • Notes from Michael:
  1. Quote: "Our goal with that person is to provide extraodinary care so that they're not jaded, that they're willing to seek mental health treatment in the future"
  2. Rewards: Freedom to move around the hospital and work independently
  3. Advice: Talk to mentally ill folks like you talk to anyone and get your education as early as possible, it's harder to go back later and start again.