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Executive Director: 

Shellene Dougherty - Ms. Dougherty has led OPAHEC as the executive director for the last two years. Prior to her leadership role, she spent six years as the OPAHEC Director of Programs/Lead Education Coordinator. She participated in OPAHEC activities as a board member and volunteer for 17 years before accepting employment with OPAHEC. She is a licensed secondary teacher, endorsed in Health Education, Career and Technical Education, and Biology. She taught in Marion County public schools for 30 years before joining OPAHEC. Ms. Dougherty worked on Oregon CTE Health Services initiatives, developed Health Services standards with Oregon DOE, and served on the HOSA state advisory board. 

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Education Coordinator: 

Petra Gutierrez - Petra Gutierrez joins OPAHEC as a Health Education Coordinator in the Willamette Valley. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s in Public Health from Liberty University. Petra ‘s goal is to bridge the divide within rural populations by encouraging higher education. Petra believes health promotion is essential for a community to achieve their fullest health potential. Petra holds certifications by the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support and The University of Texas at Austin in Pre-health Professions Education.

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Education Coordinator: 

Julia Labahn - Julia Labahn joins OPAHEC as a Health Education Coordinator in the Willamette Valley. She has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Health Promotion and Health Behavior from Oregon State University and is a strong believer in the power of health education and the mission of health and wellness for all. Julia is Certified in both Youth Mental Health First Aid USA and Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Trauma Informed Care as well as a former Certified Nursing Assistant and Children’s Nutrition Instructor.

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Education Coordinator | Office Specialist: 

Carmen Boone -  Carmen joined OPAHEC in early 2019. Carmen holds a Masters in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University and a Bachelors in Chemistry from Lima, Peru. As an Education Coordinator she brings years of experience in Science Communication targeting general audiences. She serves as our Web Master, maintaining our website and coordinating projects that include website creation. Carmen is also our CME Coordinator, she coordinates online and live events for the educational growth of healthcare professionals. Carmen is our Office Specialist as well, performing administrative staff functions and providing greatly needed program support that allows her to stay close to the pulse of healthcare. 

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